David Koloane ( 1938 - 

David Nthubu Koloane is regarded as one of South Africa's most important artists. Through his paintings, collages and drawings, he has commented on political injustices and human rights issues of the day. 

Born 5th June 1938, Alexandra Township, Johannesburg 

Studies :
1984 - 1985 University of London, Diploma in Museum Studies. 
1974 - 1977
Bill Ainslie Studios, Johannesburg 
Profile :
1990 Visual Arts Co-coordinator Zabalaza Festival London U.K. Co-curator: Art from South Africa Oxford Museum of modern Art, Touring exhibition Great Britain.
1986-1988 Curator Fuba Art Gallery, Johannesburg.
1985  Co-founder of the Thupelo Art Project.
1982 Visual arts co-coordinator culture and resistance Arts Festival : Botswana
1977-1979  Cofounder of first black art gallery: Johannesburg: 
Exhibitions :
2004 ' The ID of South African Artists ', Amsterdam, exhibition accompanying the musical, The Lion King
2003 Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg 
2002 Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg 
National Art Gallery of Malaysia 
2001 Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg 
2000  Liberated Voices Exhibition, Museum of African Art, New York 
1990  Gallery on the Market, with Michael Zondi, Johannesburg 
Vita Art Now: Johannesburg Art Gallery 
South African Mural Exhibition I.C.A. Gallery London 
Art from South Africa Museum of Modern Art: Oxford U.K. 
1989  African encounter : Dome Gallery, New York 
The Neglected Tradition Exhibition - Johannesburg Art Gallery 
1988  Standard bank National drawing competition 
Pachipamwe international artists workshop Zimbabwe National Gallery Harare, Zimbabwe 
1987  USSALEP Fuba workshop exhibition Rembrandt Gallery, Johannesburg 
Contemporary Black artists Academy Art Gallery, Paris , France 
Portraits: UNISA Art Gallery, Pretoria 
Vita Art Now; Johannesburg Art Gallery 
1986  Historical perspective of Black South African artists French Alliance, Pretoria 
1985  Fuba Gallery, with Ben Ntsusha, Johannesburg. 
Gallery 198, London ; England with Dumile Feni and Louis Maqhubela. 
USSALEP - Fuba workshop exhibition Fuba Gallery, Johannesburg.
1984  Stockwell Studio exhibition; London 
1983  Triangle international artists workshop exhibition. 
1982  Art towards social development, National Gallery and Museum: Gaborone Botswana 
1979  Bill Ainslie Studios, Gallery, Johannesburg 
Gallery 101, Johannesburg 
1978  Black Expo 78, Johannesburg 
1977  The Gallery, Johannesburg 
Nedbank Gallery Killarney, Johannesburg 
Represented :
Larry Poons Collection, New York
Robert Loder Collection, London
Anthony Caro Collection, London
Franka Severin Collection
Johannesburg Art Gallery
South African National Gallery, Cape Town
Botswana National Museum and Gallery Gaborone
South African Higher Education Trust Collection, Johannesburg
B.M.W. Collection, West Germany
Mobil Oil South Africa, Cape Town
Department of Education and Training, Pretoria
Price Forbes (South Africa)
Kwa-Zulu Finance Corporation, Durban
Gallery on the Market, Johannesburg 
David's work is also in numerous private collections in South Africa and abroad.
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