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Two Man @ Gallery 88  Sasolburg

Paul du Toit
and Beezy Bailey will together display their most recent artwork in a two-man exhibition in Sasolburg at Gallery 88, over the month of September 1999.

Joining Paul at Gallery 88 will be Cape Town based artist, Beezy Bailey. This is not the first time Paul and Beezy have exhibited together.  Both artists were invited to exhibit at the "Art Beyond Borders" exhibition in Augsburg Germany in March of 1998.  This extremely successful and prestigious exhibition put the cream of South Africa's independent artistic talent on the front pages of Augsburg's newspapers. The two-man exhibition will run from Saturday, 4th September until Saturday, 25th September.

Beezy Bailey's work is represented in the South African National Gallery's permanent collection and he has exhibited in countless group shows in S.A, Europe and the U.S.A.  After meeting the late Andy Warhol in the 70's, Beezy decided to devote all his time to art and collaborated later with David Bowie in New York where they worked together on more than 50 paintings.

Beezy's tools range from angle grinders to chainsaws and he works in all the different mediums.  "When it comes to commenting on the paintings that will be shown at Gallery 88, I feel that I am more of a conduit than source in the creation and it is up to the viewer to make interpretations", says Beezy about his upcoming exhibition in Sasolburg.




Paul du Toit's work has captured the imagination of the media and public alike.  Up until 1997, Paul du Toit was an artist who made a living as a software developer in the computer industry.  Today, admirers have hailed 33-year-old Paul as a 'revolutionary artist' because his art has a positive energy that has captured the imagination of art lovers everywhere.  Paul never knows what the end result of a painting will be when he first begins to work on it, he explains:  "I never pre-plan or pre-draw my paintings, I use a technique called Impasto* which involves scratching into wet paint with the sharpened end of an old paint brush and then applying layers of colour". Paul has exhibited all around the world including Paris, London and Germany.

Paul describes himself as a "Protean monster who deliberately and randomly shifts the goalposts of visual creation." In short, just when you think you know what's going on, the whole picture changes!  The denatured faces and forms that are characteristic of modern art are fully present in Paul's art and although his intention is to fracture visual expectations, he remains true at all times to two important principles being, perspective and balanced proportion.  Paul's art is reminiscent of Picasso; with seemingly important objects being depicted in an unconventional manner using clearly defined outlines.  "To look at art without prejudice is to understand and transcend the present moment", says Paul.

Although based in Cape Town, Paul maintains contact with art lovers around the world by means of the World Wide Web.  Paul calls his internet link and website the nerve center of his business, "The internet levels the playing field", he says, "I have access to the same and in some cases more information which was previously only available to a select few. It is a vital part of my business."  The Internet has the freedom to empower independent artists without any constraints.

Paul du Toit has entitled the body of work he will be exhibiting at Gallery 88 'The Responsive Eye' and he describes his work which will be exhibited as: "A show of paintings with special optical effects." Paul explains further by saying that:  "Art is simply a visual language that transcends literacy and speaks directly to the heart's eye."

Don't miss out on this opportunity to view the most recent work of these two exceptional artists, heading full-force into the new millennium!

*Impasto - Art Technique of laying on paint thickly (Italian)