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week 13

by Andries Loots

The term realism often refers to fidelity to life, but it can also refer to a movement in painting during the 19th century. This movement was a reaction against romanticism and portrayed ordinary objects in a realistic manner.
* John Meyer, John Kramer
The real and the unreal are mingled using dreams and chance effects to create a new reality. Salvador Dali portrayed realistic objects in an unreal environment. Miro on the the other hand drew figures or forms loosely in shallow space.
*Fred Page
Reality is adapted in order to express the artists inner vision and emotions. Strong colours are used and forms are distorted. Van Gogh is regarded as the forerunner of modern expressionism.
*Irma Stern, Michael Waters
Contemporary art is modern in style and design. Artists speak out about current events and or comment on events that have an influence on everybody's daily lives.
*William Kentridge
Impressionism is where the artist strives to capture the mood of a scene instead of just making a factual report. It can also refer to a major movement in 19th century art. Monet is regarded as an impressionist. Light plays an important role and the work is spontaneously exececuted and sometimes appears unfinished.
*Adriaan Boshoff
Abstract art style of the 20th century with painters like Picasso and Braque. The objects are reduced to geometric solids.
*Gregoire Boonzaier, Stanley Pinker
* South African examples