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 16 January 2004 - Andries Loots
Waterway, is the second Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biennial that opened on 15 January 2004,  featuring 13 local and international artists. The exhibition - a collection of installations to be displayed largely along the banks of the Eerste River - these pieces comment on the issues of migration and alienation respectively. Other work explores themes such as land ownership, displacement,  white anxiety and the symbiotic,  and destructive, relationship between people and nature.

According to Kevin Brand, project manager and director of Public Eye, this second Biennial at Spier features more site-specific work than the previous event and has been designed to complement the Estate’s topography and entertain its broad range of visitors:

Works range from stilted figures walking across the landscape by leading local landscape artist,  Strijdom van der Merwe,  to a flaming fleet floating on water by Netherlands artist,  Amo Arts. 

Local artists includes Sanell Aggenbach,  Barbara Wildenboer, Cohn Payne,  Jacques Coetzer,  Johan van der Schijff,  Kilmany-Jo Liversage and Nadja Daehnke. They are joined by international artists Carlotta Brunetti from Germany,  Daphne Prevoo from Holland,  Mara Verne from Canada and Marek Ranis from the USA.

It has been suggested by Malcolm Miles* that the role of public art is to “transform spaces into places,  the public into people”. To this end,  Public Eye,  in collaboration with the Spier Arts Trust,  has focused on an exhibition that appeals to a diverse audience in a bid to unleash the transformative potential of the art for a broad range of guests.

This year’s Biennial follows the first held in 2002.T he Spier Outdoor Sculpture Biennial is the first event of its kind in the country.

“... The Biennial undoubtedly aims to become the most prestigious event of its kind in the country and it is to this that both Spier and Public Eye have committed themselves.”

* Miles, M. 1989. Art for Public Places: Critical Essays. Hampshire: Winchester School of Art Press, p4.

Artist : Jacques Coetzer
Title : Corporate GIANT

In this work stacked beer crates address social responsibility 

Artist : Barbara Wildenboer
Title : The Bridge

Maltese crosses planted into the ground and the Eerste river raise questions on issues such as displacement and ownership of land. It also symbolizes a bridge between opposites...

Artist : Mara Verna
Title : Not Either An Experimental Doll

Social and personal complexities and an universal search towards emancipation are highlighted in this mosaic based on the book with the same title about Dr. Palmer and a young Xhoza school girl
The exhibition runs until 15 March. Appointments can be made between 09h00 and 21h00 daily through Dale of Public Eye on 021 465 5022. Free entrance.

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