27 August 2001 by Andries Loots

The Artist Robert Hodgins
Opening at the Aartklop Festival in Potchefstroom,  will be an exciting Retrospective exhibition of one of South Africa's great artists, Robert Hodgins. The exhibition will celebrate the artist's 50 year painting career.
Robert Griffiths Hodgins was born  in Dulwich,  London on the 27 June 1920 and resided in SA from 1953 after visiting the country for the first time during 1938.

Between 1947-50 he studied part-time and between 1950-53 full-time at the Goldsmith's College of` Art, University of London, gaining a National Diploma in Design (Painting).

Between 1954-62 he taught painting and drawing at the Pretoria Technical College and 1962-66 he worked as a journalist, art critic and then Assistant Editor of the Newsweek. As senior Lecturer he lectured at the Department of Fine Art, University of the Witwatersrand from 1966 to 1983. 

Robert  has participated in numerous group exhibitions from the early 1950s when his career as a full time artist started.

Some of these exhibitions include:
A painting by Robert signed and dated 1955
1955 - Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg, first of over 20 solo exhibitions
1958 - Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg
1959 - South African Association of Arts,  Pretoria
1960 - Quadrennial Exhibition
1960 - Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg
1961 - Gallery 10I, Johannesburg, joint exhibition with Ernst de Jongh
1970 - Several joint exhibitions with Jan Neethling,  Lidchi Gallery, Johannesburg
1979 - Cape Town Biennial
1980 - Wits Lecturer Exhibition,  Gertrude Posel Gallery,  University of the Witwatersrand
1983 - Group exhibition,  Carriage House Gallery
1984 - 85 Four Johannesburg Painters, a touring Exhibition
1985 - Tributaries, touring S.A and West Germany
1985 - Cape Town Triennial
1986 - Retrospective Exhibition,  Grahamstown Festival
1987 - Goodman Gallery,  Johannesburg
1987 - Joint exhibition with Deborah Bell and William Kentridge
1987 and 1988 Johannesburg Art Gallery, Vita Art Now
1989 - " Hogarth in Johannesburg ",  University of the Witwatersrand
1990 - Life Vita Now Awards,  Johannesburg
1990 - Goodman Gallery,  Johannesburg
1991 - " Little Morals ",  Cassirer Gallery,  Johannesburg
1992 - IGI Life Vita Now Awards,  Johannesburg Art Gallery
1992 - Goodman Gallery,  Johannesburg
1993 - " Easing the Passing " Computer Graphics
1994 - " Displacement ",  Northwestern University,  Evanston,  Illinois, USA
1995 - " Mayibue i Africa ",  Bernard Jacobson Gallery,  London
1995 - Goodman Gallery,  Johannesburg
1995 - Africa 95,  Whitechapel Gallery,  London
1995 - " Panoramas of Passage ",  Meridian International Centre,  Washington,  DC.
1997 - South African Artist Exhibition,  Michel Luneau Gallery,  France
1998 - Goodman Gallery,  Johannesburg 
1999 - <<REWIND>>FAST FORWARD,  Van Reekum Museum,  Appeldoorn, Netherlands
1999 - World Artists at the Millennium,  United Nations,   New York
2000 - Goodman Gallery,  Johannesburg
2001- Joo Ferreira Fine Art, Cape Town
2002 - Solo-Exhibition,  Goodman Gallery,  Johannesburg
As one of South Africa's oldest living and still practicing artists,  Robert was awarded numerous awards during his colourful career.
1955 - Best Young Artist Award - Transvaal Art of Today , Pretoria, Centenary Exhibition.
1986 - Vita Quarterly Award Winner
1995 - Helgaard Steyn Award for painting
His work is represented in various collections in South Africa and in many major private and corporate collections internationally.
Johannesburg Art Gallery
Pretoria Art Museum
South African National Gallery
VODACOM, Cape Town
University of South Africa
University of the Witwatersrand
William Humphreys Art Gallery, Kimberley
Anglo American Collection
Sandton Art Gallery
People I know,  ( Oil on Canvas )

Robert can be described as a painter and graphic artist of figures and urban life. He works in oil, acrylic, tempera and in various graphic media. Although the human form is the subject matter of many of his paintings,  it is colour,  space and placing that plays a very important role in the works.  The one cannot function without the other. 

Two men watching boring TV,  ( Watercolour )

" For me,  it is very simple. The act of painting at a particular moment is able,  for reasons I neither understands,  nor even try to understand,  to open up the whole world of my experience,  my thinking,  my aspirations. "
- The Artist

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