Zeno at 4 a.m
William Kentridge / Kevin Volans / Handspring Puppet Company
 and The Duke Quartet ( SA ) 

I was very privileged to attend a final rehearsal of the latest shadow oratorio or opera  by William Kentridge before it left for Brussels were it will be performed later this month.

In this very involved production by William, he makes use of the Handspring Puppet Company again like in many of his other  plays. The music was composed by Kevin Volans. 

It is a remarkable production where the action on the stage interacts with the shadows of the procession puppets on a big screen. There are some exciting new shapes an movements of these puppets. New charcoal drawings are also utilised as the backdrop behind the actors which are projected onto the big screen. William says: " Figures could appear either as projections on a screen or as silhouettes in front of it. Small scale jointed paper figures and full sized costumed / disguised performers could be equalised on the screen."

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