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Highlights of the Sotheby's Auction -  27 March 2001, Cape Town
Andries Loots
28 March 2001
The first Sotheby's Fine Art Auction of the year was held last night in Cape Town. The Old Mutual Conference & Exhibition Centre at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens was packed to capacity and although many of the so called " buyers " were just there for the show and to rub shoulders with fellow investors, there were some eager buyers.

Although the Financial markets worldwide are in the worst state they have been for many years, and the rand is at an all time low against the dollar, people are still prepared to pay high prices for top quality art. It is evident from this auction that quality works went for high prices,  medium quality works went for average prices and the lower quality works were either not sold or fetched low prices. 

Maggie Laubser Gerard Sekoto

Lot 468 C. Higgs
est. R 70 000-90 000
sold for R 100 000
(hammer price)

Lot 473 F. Lock
 est.   R 45 000-60 000
sold for
R 70 000
(hammer price)

Lot 478 M. Laubser
est.  R 70 000-90 000
sold for R 125 000
(hammer price)

Lot 491 G. Sekoto
 est. R150-200 000

sold for R 320 000
(hammer price)

Robert Hodgins

Lot 495 F. Krige
est. R 50 000-70 000
sold for R 90 000
(hammer price)

Lot 512 T. McCaw
est. R 18 000-24 000
sold for R 40 000
(hammer price)

Lot 541 G. Mgudlandlu
est. R 10 000-15 000
sold for R 32 000
(hammer price)

Lot 558 R. Hodgins
est. R 20 000-30 000
sold for R 32 000
(hammer price)

The next Sotheby Fine Art Auction will be held in Johannesburg on the 7th May 2001.

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