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Zonnebloem Fine Art Collection
19 November 2000 -  Andries Loots

As one of South Africa's best known wine brands,  Zonnebloem carries with it one of the oldest Histories in South Africa.

Dating back to the early part of the 18th century,  Zonnebloem was first produced at Simondium before being incorporated into the SFW portfolio during the 1940's. The wine received many accolades from various Cape wine shows and was soon imported by non-other than Burgoynes of London.

In order to meet the increased wine knowledge and sophistication of local and international wine drinkers,  their special Zonnebloem Fine Art Wine label was launched in 1996.

This year Zonnebloem decided to commission respected South African artist Willie Bester as their Fine Art of Wine artist. Represented in the South African National Gallery,  he has also exhibited and received acclaim in Europe,  the USA,  the UK,  Cuba and India. For the Zonnebloem Fine art Collection,  Willie created  a work on hessian in mixed media that features a still life of wine and fruit as his centerpiece. Around this,  he portrays musical,  social,  political and artistic references that all locate wine and its enjoyment in South African life. This work appears on all five Fine Art Wine labels.  
1999 Merlot
1999 Shiraz
1997 Pinot Noir
1999 Babernet Sauvignon
2000 Sauvignon Blanc

Zonnebloem can be contacted at :  www.zonnebloem.co.za