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25 September 2000 by Andries Loots

The Brendon Bell-Roberts Contemporary Gallery at 199 Loop Street, Cape Town was the venue for a very exciting  exhibition called  " Collaboration " in a new exciting medium . The exhibition comprises of Giclée prints by some of Cape Town's most prominent and a few not so prominent artists.

David Goldblatt,  Lien Botha, Arlene Amaler-Raviv,  Sue Williamson,  Pippa Skotnes,  Stephen Inggs,  Brett Murray,  Berni Searle,  Cecil Skotnes, Jane Alexander,  Terry, Kurgan,  George Hallett,  Dave Robertson, Paul du Toit,  Dale Yudelman,  Jean Brundrit,  Brendon Bell-Roberts,  Jo Ratcliffe,  Francine Scialom Greenblatt,  Louis Janse Van Vuuren and Russel Jones participated in the exhibition.

Brett Murray " Respect your elders "


Brett Murray
"Respect your elders"

Cecil Skotnes " Travellers "


Cecil Skotnes "Travellers"


Giclée is a relatively new process where images are digitally scanned and then printed out on paper or canvas by the process of inkjet printing. The-Scan-Shop did the work for this exhibition under the supervision of Russel Jones. They have been doing work for renowned artists like Zwelethu Mathetwa for some time now and was also responsible for printing his latest successful exhibition in the United States.

Although the huge colourful prints leave a lasting impression as one enters the Gallery, this excitement is damped on closer inspection by the resolution of the printing process. One would have expected in our digital age that printing for such an undertaking would be possible at better resolution than 600 dpi. The grainy effect of the pixels which faces the onlooker or potential buyer leaves an uneasiness. According to Russel this process results in vibrancy that captures the true colour, depth and texture of the original artwork. I was also assured that the inks are of the best quality and would not fade over a period of time.

Yet the prices of many of the works were what one would expected to pay for an original by these artists rather than just a print.

Artists should perhaps use this process for a base image  to further work upon like artists Louis Janse van Vuuren and Zwelethu Mathetwa have been doing very successfully for some time now. To apply the technique to only reproduce an artwork then sign and number the prints I personally feel  would not grab the attention of the serious South African Art Buyer yet.

The Brendon Bell-Roberts Gallery has however done a great job at exhibiting this new and challenging medium. The printing quality is also bound to improve dramatically in future as technology improves. This was one of the galleries best exhibition, catering and entertainment evenings so far and a very definite progression is seen in this vibrant new Gallery in Cape Town.

The exhibition runs till 14 October 2000 and the gallery can be contacted at :
Tel: +27 (21) 4 22 11 00
Fax: +27 (21) 4 23 31 35
email: dps@icon.co.za

Pippa Skotnes " Feeding/Bleeding "



Pippa Skotnes

Jane Alexander



Jane Alexander