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Willie Bester unveiled his newest sculpture titled 'Sarah Bartmann' at his studio on Friday, 7 July 2000.

Sarah also known as the " Hottentot Venus " was a indigenous woman taken from the Cape to Europe by her Dutch employer and put on display by an animal trainer to show off her distinct anatomy. She didn't share in the profits as she was promised and died in exile far from her motherland and tribe. After Cuvier made a plaster cast of her body, it was dissected and her organs were still on display in Musee de l Homme, Paris up till 1974. 

A poem reading by various poets, was a tribute to Sarah's life and death. 

Diana Ferrus, A poem for Sarah Bartmann:

The artist Willie Bester and his wife The group of poets
Detail of the iron sculpture Saartje Baartman

VIDEO : The life and times of Sarah Bartmann